About us

We are qualified artists active in urban space since 1998 and since 2005 under the name Ei studio. We design, organize and make murals, i.e. large format painting art in public space.
Our main goal is to create original, hand-painted works in architecture, creatively harmonizing with the environment.
Our principals are usually City and Commune Offices, educational institutions, housing cooperatives, cultural centers, as well as companies and private owners.
We feel responsible for co-creating the visual side of public space, that's why we work with architectural offices, we respect the opinions of city conservators and city authorities.
We do not consider the size of the walls as an obstacle - we operate on small and huge surfaces. Usually, the creation process begins with an analysis of the historical, architectural and social environment and context. Then we proceed to work on computer simulation so that the image of the work can be subject to the opinion of the recipient and the contracting authority. This is the most important and demanding stage of the mural's creation.
Moving to the implementation of painting works, we organize elevators or scaffoldings, we personally order the necessary paints and all tools.
For our implementations we use professional materials recognized as the strongest and most resistant to weather conditions.